Why Converting from Oil to Gas Can Mean Less Maintenance

If your home relies on an outdated oil furnace, now may be the time to talk to your heating and cooling contractors in Edison about the benefits of an oil to gas conversion. During an oil to gas conversion, your contractor will replace your oil-powered HVAC system with a new furnace installation that is powered by clean natural gas. One of the top benefits of making the switch to natural gas is that you can expect your new system to require much less maintenance.

There are a few reasons why an oil to gas conversion can help you cut back on maintenance. Oil furnaces create dirt and ash as they operate, and this residue needs to be cleaned out at frequent intervals. By contrast, your gas furnace installation will not require significant cleaning throughout the seasons. If you are tired of sweeping up ash and soot from your oil furnace, you may want to seriously consider a new gas furnace installation.

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