Common Problems of Residential AC Units

When the summer season arrives, you will want to make sure that your heating and cooling system is functioning correctly. Waiting to schedule air conditioning repair until the middle of the summer season could leave you stuck in a hot house while you await your heating and cooling technicians. A contractor that offers air conditioning installation near Edison can help you troubleshoot any of the most common problems that may be affecting the performance of your air conditioner. To help you get an idea of what is wrong with your air conditioning system, here is a look at some common problems of residential AC units. HVAC - unit

Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant tops the list of the most common residential AC unit problems. In order to cool down the air in your home, your AC unit uses a special liquid that is called refrigerant. Without an adequate supply of refrigerant, your AC unit could stop functioning completely. If you see liquid pooling around the outside of your condenser, you could be facing a refrigerant leak.

Electric Control Problems

Much like the other components of your HVAC system, your AC unit is equipped with a series of electric controls and devices. Some of the most recognizable electric controls include the switches that power the compressor and fan systems. Over time, the wires that connect the electric controls to the various devices in your AC system could start to corrode or wear out. Electric control problems can cause your AC unit to stop working completely.

Thermostat Issues

Your AC unit relies on information from your thermostat to determine how much cool air needs to be delivered into your home. Commonly, when a residential customer is experiencing AC unit issues, the thermostat could be to blame. When the thermostat is no longer able to read the correct temperature, it will send conflicting signals to your AC condenser. If adjusting your thermostat settings does not improve your AC troubles, you may be in need of services from a licensed technician.


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