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The Benefits of Ductless AC and Why They’re Better Than a Traditional HVAC System.

About Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Although ductless air conditioners are commonly used in Europe and Asia, they are only occasionally used in the United States. A primary reason for this is because many Americans are not familiar with a ductless AC. Often referred to as a mini-split system, it’s a type of air conditioning unit that does not require ductwork for installation, unlike a traditional HVAC system.

It’s composed of two components, an indoor air-handling unit and an exterior condenser or compressor, as well as refrigerant lines running between the two, one delivering energy, while the other removes condensate. Let’s explore many of the benefits associated with using a ductless AC.

The Benefits of Ductless AC

  1. A ductless AC is able to distribute cold or warm air more evenly and efficiently than traditional units, resulting in a more comfortable temperature throughout the home.
  2. They’re easy to install. Ductless installation is essentially free of hassles, doesn’t require any invasive ductwork, and can be completed in just a few days. As a result, the installation is less expensive than a traditional HVAC system.
  3. It allows allergy sufferers to breathe easier. Ductless systems contain air purifying filters that absorb germs, pollen, dust, mildew, and odor-causing gases. In addition, they constantly circulate fresh and healthy air throughout the home.
  4. They save money. Ductless systems are extremely efficient and have the ability to heat and cool homes at just a fraction of the cost of other heating and cooling units.
  5. In many locations, utility companies offer the opportunity for incentives and rebates. Many have begun to offer cash incentives in an attempt to convince customers to upgrade to more energy efficient options, such as a ductless AC system.
  6. They’re flexible in regards to location and are small in stature. They can be used to heat and cool one room, which is ideal if you’re considering adding an addition to your home. Several models have up to 4 indoor air-handling units connected to one outdoor unit. This allows the unit to heat and cool several rooms or zones within the home.
  7. They have a more esthetically pleasing appearance than other add-on units, such as window air conditioners. Most are only 7 inches wide and have a sleek outer appearance. In many cases, they can be hung at any point on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted into a drop ceiling. Most come with a remote control to make it easy to turn them on and off when they are positioned in a hard to reach area.

Undoubtedly, ductless air conditioners will increase in popularity as people begin to realize the many advantages they offer. Whether you’re looking to heat and cool a residential or commercial property, it’s a good idea to seriously consider a mini-split ductless AC system

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