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Edison Installs a Variety of Humidifiers To Keep You Healthy

If you’ve ever lived through a New Jersey winter without a humidifier, there’s a good chance you already know the effects of exceptionally dry air on your personal health. Edison Heating & Cooling installs humidifiers because we understand the harm Garden State winters can do.

Aside from annoyances like dry skin and dry, cracked lips, dry air can also cause some people frequent nose bleeds or a dry, continuous cough. In others, it can cause congestion, leading to sinus infection. Dry air also irritates the inside of the nose, the throat and can irritate your extremely sensitive vocal cords, all of which leave you open to infection. This takes dry air from an inconvenience to unhealthy!

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To Your Health - Central Humidifier Installation

Health professionals encourage us to keep humidifiers in our home for the benefit to our health, and they remind us that personal humidifiers can be excellent for work or a small room. If you want to affect the air quality in your entire home or business, the experts are in agreement that whole home humidifiers are best at providing far-reaching coverage and comfort for your home.

What Does A Humidifier Do To My Home

The health of your home and possessions are also related to a well-functioning humidifier. Dry air can cause chipped paint or peeling wallpaper. If you have any wooden floors or hardwood furniture, even hardwood doors, overly dry air will leave them susceptible to cracks and damage. Other items in your house (chairs, decor) can be damaged because dry air can also dry out wood glue and cause separation between wooden planks, which can lead to broken furniture and potential injuries.

Are Little Humidifiers the Home Hydration Hack ?

Many little units might seem like a cost-cutting fast-pass to a more comfortable home. Here are some things to remember about this unwise choice. Individual humidifiers are petri dishes of mold and bacteria. If you’ve ever used one when you or your child is sick, you know cleaning the device for future use can feel like a major repair operation instead of regular maintenance.

Additionally, individual humidifiers can be set to the same level, but without something to monitor your home’s airborne hydration, there’s no way to determine if you’re over-hydrating the living room while under-hydrating the kitchen.

Centrally humidified air works better. Your central air is flushed with moisture before it leaves your system for your vents. The fact that the moisture will be uniform and controlled gives you the maximum control over the health of your family or home.

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