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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular Maintenance Means Cool Summers For Central New Jersey Residents

Edison Heating & Cooling takes care of homeowners, renters and business owners alike with maintenance visits and AC repairs for any type, model or size of air conditioner. We’re trained to quickly identify and treat potential problems before they leave you sweating in the middle of summer. Plus, your air conditioning system can impact the overall quality of the air you breathe, so maintenance is about your comfort as well as your health!

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The Benefits of Regular Cooling AC Maintenance Visits

When you schedule a service call, we leave no part of your air conditioning system untouched. Our tune-ups start with an overall cleaning and examination of the blower fan, cooling equipment, condensate drains and pans, and air vents or mounted units. Next, we move on to testing the safety controls and inspecting or tightening all electrical connections.

Your HVAC technician can also replace the air filter and show you how to quickly and easily access the filter by yourself to change every 30 to 90 days as recommended by your system manufacturer. If you or any member of your household is sensitive to pollution or allergens, our team can recommend more frequent filter changes or a more powerful filter than your current model to help trap particles.

Once cleaned, your AC system is ready for testing and adjustments. This starts with checking the system’s overall capacity to start up and cool the air temperature, followed by adjustments to the air flow from supply to return intake, monitoring the entire cooling cycle, measuring volts and amps relative to the manufacturer specifications for your AC model and checking the thermostat calibration for accurate temperature control.

How much does a home AC repair service cost?

It costs around $350-$600 to have a home AC unit repaired. The price can fluctuate depending on: 

  • The type of repair. 
  • The level of the repair. 
  • The HVAC technician’s hourly fee.

Some repairs will also be more expensive due to the cost of replacement parts or components. For example, if your AC unit has a refrigerant leak, the cost to replace the refrigerant can increase the total price of the repair. To get your AC unit repaired, call us today.  

How much does it cost to clean and service a home air conditioner?

It costs about $150-$350 per year to have your home air conditioner cleaned and serviced. Getting your home air conditioner serviced is a great way to reduce the amount of repairs your home air conditioner requires and to cut down on energy costs. To get the most out of having your air conditioner serviced, you should get your air conditioner on a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans include semi-annual cleaning and servicing of your air conditioner unit in addition to discounts on repairs and service calls. To get your home air conditioner on a maintenance plan, give us a call today

Are residential AC maintenance plans worth it?

Yes, residential AC maintenance plans are worth it. Some of the benefits of AC maintenance plans include: 

  • Your AC unit lasts longer. 
  • Your AC unit is covered under warranty. 
  • Your energy bills are lower. 

If you get your air conditioner on a residential AC maintenance plan, it will also require less repairs, saving you money on repairs and energy costs. To get your AC unit on a maintenance plan, contact us today

When should I begin to think about tuning up my HVAC for warmer weather in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, it's advisable to begin thinking about tuning up your HVAC system for warmer weather in early spring, typically around March or April. Scheduling maintenance during this time ensures your HVAC system is ready to handle the increased demand for cooling as temperatures rise. It allows ample time for any necessary repairs or adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency throughout the summer months.

Servicing Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Many of our customers contact us to care for their systems at home as well as at their offices. While homeowners may have specific needs concerning indoor air quality in a household with pets, our HVAC team is trained to address these concerns as easily as we can and also maintain backup generators or tune-up large commercial air conditioning systems used to keep perishable products cool. With over 30 years of experience, we’re proud to help residential and commercial customers in Middlesex, Somerset, Union and Hunterdon counties in Central New Jersey.

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