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HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Summer Season

As outdoor temperatures begin to rise, it is important to perform some basic HVAC maintenance in preparation for increased usage. Proper air conditioning maintenance near Edison will help ensure that your cooling system will continue functioning at its best for years to come. Keep reading for a few tips on HVAC maintenance tips for the summer season.

Clean or Replace Filters

One of the most important air conditioning maintenance tasks that a homeowner can do to ensure proper performance is to clean or replace the air conditioner filter at least once per month. A clean filter will enable your air conditioner to function at its best. A dirty filter will lower your air conditioning system’s efficiency and could lead to greater energy consumption and higher power bills. Furthermore, a clogged filter could allow dirt to be sucked into your unit’s evaporator coil, causing mechanical problems for your unit.

Clear Debris from Outdoor Unit

Before you turn on your unit for the season, be sure to visually inspect the outdoor unit for dirt and debris that may have accumulated on its surface over the winter. Brush off leaves and other yard waste from your unit’s shell using a broom or rag. Be sure that nearby plants have not grown to obstruct airflow to your unit. Trim surrounding plants back in order to allow your air conditioning unit enough space to draw in fresh air.

Have a Professional Tune-Up

A yearly professional tune-up on your system is key to proper air conditioning maintenance. Your HVAC maintenance technician will visit your home to perform a multi-point inspection that addresses your air conditioning system’s overall health. He or she will check Freon levels, ensure that your thermostat is functioning properly, and perform adjustments and cleanings to the many different parts of your air conditioning system. Proper yearly air conditioning maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is retaining efficiency and saving you money in energy costs. Furthermore, regular air conditioning maintenance can help to catch potential problems before they lead to costly repairs.

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