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Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning

Temperatures are rising all over the country, even on the East Coast, and that means homeowners nationwide will soon be running their air conditioners at full blast to keep their homes, themselves, and their families cool. Considering that air conditioning accounts for such a large portion of a household’s energy costs during the summer time, it’s a smart idea to do whatever you can to improve your AC’s energy efficiency. Here are some things you can do to keep your air conditioner running at peak efficiency this summer, including some things you can do on your own and some things your Edison air conditioning maintenance and repair company can help out with.

Seal Your Home

If there are any cracks in the doors and windows around your home, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars each year on excessive heating and cooling costs. Check around the doors and windows and replace old weather-stripping to help keep cold air in and warm air out, which can help maintain the temperature inside your home and reduce the frequency and length of time you need to run your air conditioner this summer.

Change the AC Filter

Another easy way to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency is to change the filter at the beginning of the season and check the filter at least once per month during heavy AC use. A dirty filter can increase the strain on your air conditioner, which translates to lower efficiency and ultimately higher energy bills.

Get an AC Tune Up

The best way to make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top condition this summer is to schedule an AC tune-up with an HVAC maintenance and repair company near you in Edison, NJ. Not only will a tune-up make sure that all of the components inside your air conditioner are in good working condition, but it will also allow an AC technician to spot any potential problems before they get any worse and cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently.

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