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Spotlight on Ductless AC Systems

Thinking about replacing your air conditioner? Consider a ductless system. As you can probably guess, these systems do not rely on ductwork to deliver cold air. Although these systems are not capable of cooling your entire home, you can install ductless AC units in each room to keep yourself, your family, and your guests cool as needed. This has the added benefit of lowering energy costs since you only need to run a smaller unit at a time to cool a particular room instead of running a large HVAC unit that’s responsible for cooling the entire home.

Another benefit of ductless AC systems is that the lack of ductwork means better indoor air quality. Ventilation ducts can contain dust, pollen, mildew, and other contaminants that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Ductless AC units contain air purifying filters that eliminate such contaminants and allergens for a cleaner, fresher, and more sanitary breathing environment inside your home. Contact an air conditioning company in Edison, NJ to learn more installing ductless AC systems in your home.

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