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Understanding the Air Conditioner Installation Process

If you’re considering new air conditioning installation serving Edison, you may be wondering what steps are involved in this service. To ensure that your new AC unit functions properly and optimally, your HVAC contractors will follow several essential steps during the air conditioning installation process.


The first step in installing your home’s new AC involves planning out the process with your HVAC contractor. At this point, you will decide on a particular system that will provide the maximum efficiency and function for your home’s size and number of occupants. Your air conditioning installation expert will evaluate your space and suggest ideal HVAC units. If your home already has air ducts installed for heating or a current system, these can be used for your new air conditioner. Your contractor will go over the entire installation process with you and will review everything that you need to know about operating your new AC.


Once you have decided on a unit, the next step is to prepare for the installation day. First, learn if there are any inspections or permits required by your city, and schedule and acquire these as necessary. Next, clear away any debris from around your current unit so it can be easily dismantled and removed. Once the old AC is gone, any necessary new ductwork will be installed, or existing ductwork will be prepared.


With the site of your new air conditioner fully prepared, installation can begin. First, the unit will be properly positioned. After determining all of the required dimensions for the piping, refrigeration lines, and electrical wiring, your installation team will correctly and safely create all of the necessary connections. Once the system is in place and hooked up, a new digital and programmable thermostat will be installed if you’re replacing your old one. Next, your HVAC technician will charge and start the system according to the manufacturer’s information. Finally, he will perform a post-installation check and then a final inspection to ensure that your new air conditioner is properly installed.

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