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Signs of a Pending Summer Air Conditioner Meltdown

Few things feel nicer than stepping into a cool and comfortable home after being out in the summer heat. To avoid being left without AC this season, watch for signs that can indicate a need for air conditioning repair in Edison.

Your air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air.

If you find yourself setting your AC at full blast in an attempt to make your home feel comfortable, it’s likely that you need air conditioning repair services. When your HVAC system no longer produces cold air, or it only blows cold air intermittently, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t functioning right and that your AC may not make it through the summer. If your air conditioning fails to consistently blow cold air, call an HVAC contractor right away.

Your air conditioner creates moisture.

Homeowners sometimes ignore areas of moisture around their air conditioning system, assuming that it’s a normal part of the cooling process. Unfortunately, puddles and moisture on, in, or near your HVAC unit can be a sign of a major problem. In some cases, water will pool next to your AC because a drainage tube is damaged or blocked. This issue requires a small repair, but should be taken care of as soon as possible. A more serious problem associated with moisture is a refrigerant leak. This issue should be fixed immediately to avoid safety hazards for you and your family and to prevent your unit from developing additional problems.

Your air conditioner makes strange noises or emits odors.

Do you notice loud grinding, clunking, or squealing noises when your AC starts up? If so, call for air conditioner repair right away, as these sounds can result from failing parts, and may lead to a need for full system replacement if not addressed. Also, if you notice foul or pungent smells coming from your air conditioning vents, this can indicate mold growth inside the unit or ducts, or burned out wiring insulation. If your HVAC system emits an odor while it runs, schedule an air conditioning repair appointment right away.

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