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When Should You Install a New Heating System?

A properly functioning HVAC system is a vital component for any household. If you are worried that your current heating system may not be able to last throughout the upcoming winter season, it may be time to start thinking about a furnace installation in Edison. After you have completed your new heating system installation, your home will be warm, toasty, and efficiently heated. Your HVAC technicians will be able to help you decide when the time is right for a furnace upgrade. Here are 3 signs that your home is ready for a new heating system installation.

When Your Furnace Is 15 Years Old

While 15 years may not seem like a very long period of time, the average furnace installation will not last longer than a decade and a half. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it is a good candidate for replacement. A brand new furnace will offer greater efficiency than an older model, and you will also save money on maintenance by replacing your aging furnace.

When Your Heating Bills Are Unusually High

If your last heating bill seemed like it was much higher than normal, the cause could be a malfunctioning heating system. As furnaces age, their interior components will gradually start to wear down, leak, and experience a variety of other issues. To keep your heating bills manageable, even during the coldest days of winter, you may want to consider a new heating system installation.

When You Are Hearing Unusual Noises

While some audible sounds are typical for any heating system, unusual noises should be a cause for concern. Rattling, banging, or popping noises could be caused by misfiring components inside your furnace unit. When your furnace needs to be replaced, you may also hear your blower constantly turning. Any unusual noises need to be diagnosed by an HVAC professional. In order to make your HVAC system quiet again, it may be necessary to install a new heating system.

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