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Tips for Extending the Life of Your HVAC Unit

new HVAC installation can be a costly investment for your household. After you have performed an air conditioner installation for your home, you will want to take all of the steps that are needed to ensure that your unit lasts for as long as possible. An air conditioning technician in Edison can set you up with a preventative maintenance schedule that will help you solve repair issues before they become serious. If you are wondering about how to get the best performance from your system, here are some tips for extending the life of your HVAC unit.

Change Your Air Filters

One of the most effective strategies for extending the life of your HVAC unit is also the simplest. Checking and changing your air filters on a regular basis can help your HVAC unit last for years to come. Neglecting to change out your air filters during the peak heating and cooling systems can put stress and strain on your unit, which may cause it to fail more quickly. Fortunately, checking and changing your air filters is a simple procedure that you can perform yourself.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Letting your HVAC system run throughout the daytime and nighttime hours can cause its delicate internal components to wear down more quickly. If you want your HVAC system to have the longest lifespan possible, you should take the time to equip your system with a programmable thermostat. Your programmable thermostat will tell your unit when to turn on and off, so that it gets much-needed breaks throughout the day.

Schedule Seasonal Repairs

While you may be tempted to only schedule HVAC services when a maintenance emergency arises, you may be better off setting up seasonal services with your local technician. By having your system inspected before the start of the peak cooling season, you will be able to identify and address any repair issues immediately. Preventative maintenance is a key component for helping your HVAC system run efficiently and safely for many years in the future.

Tips for Extending the Life of the HVAC Unit by Edison Heating & Cooling

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